Soylu: Imamoglu's phone calls in the "records of God"

Soylu: Imamoglu's phone calls in the "records of God"
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Minister Soylu, who was asked to provide evidence for his claim that Istanbul's mayor called him and asked for help against his own party's leadership, has said, it is in "the records of God."

After Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu challenged the Turkish Interior Minister to prove his claim about a phone conversation in which Imamoglu allegedly called for the government's help in the face of internal strife within his party (the main opposition Republican People's Party), minister Suleyman Soylu responded on Thursday saying that the phone conversation is in "the records of God."

Soylu had said on Wednesday:

“This person, Imamoglu, called me. He first payed respects, then he implored, said, 'CHP leadership does not like me, can you help me?”

Dismissing Soylu's claim, Imamoglu replied saying it is a lie, and called on Soylu to prove it by presenting the phone records.

Soylu said on Twitter:

"Imamoglu responded to what's been said in our press statement about the phone conversation, saying, 'I did not call Soylu.' This is another lie. The fact that he called me on many occasions is in the first place recorded in the registers of God, and then in our human minds."


Mayor Imamoglu was accused by the Interior Ministry of recruiting and harboring hundreds of "terrorists" in the municipal institutions of Istanbul. Imamoglu was also recently sentenced to three years in prison for allegedly calling public officials "idiot."

Istanbul's municipal administration will once again fall under the control of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) if Imamoglu is removed from his post by the interior ministry, like dozens of Kurdish mayors were earlier removed over spurious allegations.