“Spring will come, I promise you”

“Spring will come, I promise you”
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Turkey's opposition presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu launched his campaign with a message of hope and a popular 90s song, promising a better future for the country.

The opposition’s joint presidential candidate and CHP (Republican People's Party) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu launched his campaign for the upcoming presidential elections with a well known song back from the 90s.

In two videos shared on his social media accounts, Kilicdaroglu said “I promise you, spring will come” and “Mr. Kemal will not break his promise” to convey a message of hope and renewal for the people of Turkey.

In the first video, Kilicdaroglu addressed the struggles and hardships faced by the people of Turkey. He said, "You have been knocked down, tired, and worn out. You want this to be the last time. Take it from me, enough is enough. I promise you, we are here to help the people of this beautiful country dream again. We are not here just to fill empty promises, but to help you look into the eyes of your child with hope and happiness. My forgotten brother, let's walk side by side. I promise you, we are here to help you truly start living. For the child who says 'Mother, I won't return' from the other side of the world, I promise you, you will return with such hope in your heart. I am Kemal, and I promise you that every year, every moment, every penny, and every smile that you have lost will come back to you."

In the second video, Kilicdaroglu spoke directly to the people of Turkey, promising a brighter future for the country. He said, "I promise you, spring will come again. I promise you, hope will not die. I promise you, a Turkey where people respect and love each other despite their differences, a Turkey where we embrace each other instead of distancing ourselves, a Turkey that loves life with full bellies and hearts. A Turkey that believes in science, art, and the future, and a Turkey that respects expertise. A Turkey that doesn't remain silent out of fear, but rather, a Turkey where our voices are heard, valued, and appreciated. A Turkey where we sing our most beautiful songs with joy, the kind that shines through the eyes of our children."

Kilicdaroglu's campaign message of hope and renewal has resonated with many people across Turkey. The Presidential candidate's videos have been shared widely on social media, and people have expressed their support for Kilicdaroglu and his message of a better future for Turkey.

The song that was used in the videos is Tuana, one of the most popular songs of the 90s, composed by Spanish guitarist Paco De Lucia and lyrics written by legendary Turkish artist Sezen Aksu.