Statement before the hearings: The ruling party wants to take revenge on the Turkish Medical Association

Statement before the hearings: The ruling party wants to take revenge on the Turkish Medical Association
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The Turkish Medical Association released a statement before the trials Central Council members. The TTB said, “The government should solve healthcare issues instead of picking on us.”

Arti Gercek reports that the TTB gathered at a hotel in Ankara to discuss the investigations and court cases surrounding its members and administrators. TTB Central Council Vice President Associate Professor Dr. Ali Ihsan Okten stated that the work of the TTB that prioritizes public health on ethical and scientific grounds contradicts the interests of the current administration. Okten said, “Our revealing the collapse in healthcare is the main reason the government is targeting us.”


Okten, who regards the arrest of TTB Central Council President Sebnem Korur Fincanci as “unjust, unlawful, and antidemocratic,” also reacted to the court case that was filed for the dismissal of members of the Central Council and the legal amendment proposed regarding the TTB. Okten said: “Professor Sebnem’s case concerns an allegation of spreading propaganda. Propaganda allegations are not accusations that even warrant arrest. On January 10 in Ankara, we have the “dismissal from service” case targeted at our Central Council. This case is also insubstantial. The grounds for filing this case are outside the activities of the Council. But what are these activities? No information has been provided regarding this.”


Stating that the government wants to take revenge on the TTB, Okten said: "TTB has become a target because it wants quality, free, and equal healthcare for everyone, prioritizes social preventive health services, recommends strengthening primary care, and moving to a staggered system. The TTB is a target because it has shown the dark face of the pretty picture the government has painted regarding healthcare by opposing the commercialization and privatization of health services, opposing the amount to be paid to city hospitals which places a mortgage on the future of our country and its children for the next 25 years, opposing examinations of 3-5 minutes as they violate the rights of patients and physicians, defending the rights of physicians to protect their economic and personal rights, opposing the exam and surgery appointments given months later, opposing the provocative policies of the Health Transformation Project, opposing violence in the system, malpractice, disrupted workplaces, and unqualified healthcare through statements based on truth reinforced by data obtained on the ground during the pandemic.”

Noting that an investigation has been launched against them on the charge of "membership in a terrorist organization,” Okten pointed out that all 8 members of the Council are civil servants. Okten said, "We are all people who are at work, caring for patients, performing surgery, teaching students or assistants. How can such a serious accusation be made about us? The TTB and its entire organization continues to operate normally despite all these pressures and investigations. Right now, there are serious problems in our country’s healthcare system. There is insufficient access to vaccines and drugs and examination and surgery appointments are given months later. Instead of picking on the TTB and other professional organizations, the government should solve the problems in healthcare, which has come to the brink of collapse due to economic and political crises."

On Tuesday, January 10, the TTB Central Council dismissal case will be heard.

The hearing of Sebnem Korur Fincancı will be held on Wednesday, January 11th. (MA)