Students killed in ISIS bombing commemorated in southeastern Turkey

Students killed in ISIS bombing commemorated in southeastern Turkey
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Many people gathered to remember 33 student activists killed in an ISIS bombing in Suruc seven years ago

University students who were killed by an ISIS bombing seven years ago were commemorated in Suruc, the place of the attack in southeastern Turkey, +Gercek reported.

On this day in 2015, a suicide bomber from a Turkish sect of Islamic State 

killed himself and 33 student activists who gathered for a press statement before their planned trip to reconstruct the Syrian border town of Kobane.

Families of the students, MPs from HDP (People’s Democratic Party) as well as other people from several NGOs attended the events of the day. 

The crowd first gathered in front of HDP Suruc building and marched carrying a banner that read “Justice for Suruc, justice for everybody.”

Under intense police presence, the crowd then arrived at Amara Cultural Center, where the bombing took place. 

Among those who attended the commemoration was Soner Cicek who himself was one of the student activists, but survived. 

Cicek said: “They people who were bombed came from all around Turkey. They wanted to build bridges between peoples. Dark forces wanted to blow up this bridge. But they could not," he said.

Ayse Driver, an HDP deputy from the region, said that the fraternity of the peoples was targeted in Suruc, but they would continue the struggle.