The “grey wolf” sign along with chants for “President Imamoglu”

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During Ekrem Imamoglu's visit to Bursa, the hometown of former Grey Wolves leader Sinan Ates, slogans of "President Imamoglu" were chanted. Meanwhile, some drew attention as they shook hands with Imamoglu and made the gray wolf sign.

The first stop of the Anatolia visit of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu was Bursa. In addition to Republican People’s Party (CHP) municipalities, Imamoglu was met with great interest when visiting the historical Grand Bazaar in the Osmangazi district, Arti Gercek reports.

Imamoglu, who started his Bursa tour with the Gemlik district, visited the Celal Bayar monument after meeting with the public in the district. Imamoglu, who was met with great interest, at 2:00 PM visited the tradesmen in the Grand Bazaar, one of the most crowded places in Bursa. While those who wanted to see Imamoglu complained about the throng of people, they chanted "President Imamoglu." Meanwhile, the cameras caught onto a noteworthy detail.

In Bursa, the hometown of Sinan Ates, the former President of the Grey Wolves, who was recently killed, a person first shook hands with Imamoglu as the slogans of "President Imamoglu" were being shouted. Then, he joined in the chanting of “President Imamoglu,” while making the gray wolf sign with his hand for a long time.

During his visits, Imamoglu also stopped by the family of former Grey Wolves President Sinan Ates, who was assassinated in Ankara on December 30, 2022.

Imamoglu, who went to Ates's family home in Osmangazi, expressed his condolences to father Musa Ates and other family members. Imamoglu was accompanied by former Nilufer Mayor Mustafa Bozbey and CHP Bursa Provincial President Turgut Ozkan.


Istanbul Mayor Imamoglu, who visited the CHP Nilufer Municipality after the Grand Bazaar, said in his speech, "Bursa will be very beautiful under our administration."

Imamoglu, who gave a message of “do not lose hope” to those who were listening, criticized the government by saying, "In 2023, we could have been talking about raising the per capita income. But we are talking about education about which 75% of people are unhappy, the restriction of rights, the hunger of people. We are not talking about production in this young population. We will reach democracy. We will bring the judiciary to a fair state from those who use justice as a weapon. We will make each of our dreams come true. We will achieve these ideals with the youth. With a population of over 3 million, it is a candidate to be a city of hope. But the value this city deserves is not being given. I say with enthusiasm that Bursa will take the place it deserves in 2023-2024. They will say, 'What is Ekrem Imamoglu’s business in Bursa?’ I say, they sent me here forcibly. But the main purpose of this meeting is that they compelled me [to be here] through the injustice and unlawfulness they have put forth and the damage they have caused to democracy. Because they ignored the phrase ‘sovereignty rests unconditionally with the nation.’”

Imamoglu’s Bursa program came to an end with his visit to Mudanya, another CHP-run municipality.