“Those who love their country should go to the ballot box”

“Those who love their country should go to the ballot box”
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The opposition’s joint presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu urged his supporters to actively participate by going to the ballot box in the second round on May 28, emphasizing the significance of safeguarding democracy in the country.

Turkey’s joint opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu accused President Erdogan of conducting an election campaign based on lies and slanders and called on his supporters to safeguard the integrity of the ballot boxes in the second round of the election, scheduled for May 28.

In a fiery press conference in the headquarters of his Republican People's Party (CHP), claimed the second round presents a critical choice between two contrasting visions for the nation.

"On May 28 we are heading towards a crucial election for our republic, our state, and our nation. On that day, two candidates and two different ideologies will stand before our people, as if there has never been an election before," Kilicdaroglu said.

He highlighted the growing dissatisfaction and demand for change in the first round of the election as seen in the declining votes of the AKP (Justice and Development Party.

Kilicdaroglu also hardened his tone against the incumbent President Erdogan:

"Aren't you the one who repeatedly sat at the table with terrorist organizations, engaging in behind-the-scenes negotiations? Who are you to tarnish our image? I am stating it clearly once again. I have never sat at the table with terrorist organizations, and I never will. Period. Erdogan, aren't you the one who fed and nurtured FETO? Weren't you the one pleading, begging for them to come back? Weren't you the one who conspired with them against the glorious armed forces?"

"Erdoğan, I am telling you openly. You did not protect the country's borders and honor. You willingly brought in more than 10 million refugees to this country. You sold Turkish citizenship for personal gain. Once I come to power, I will send all refugees back to their homes. Period."

Continuing his critique, Kilicdaroglu accused Erdoğan of surrendering the nation to drug lords, transforming it into a haven for mafia bosses. Asserting his resolve, he declared, "Once I come to power, I will uproot all of these barons. Period."

He added: "We did not find this homeland on the streets. Let our nation rise. Those who love their country should stand shoulder to shoulder with us. Those who love their country should go to the ballot box!"