TKP earthquake relief team arrested for "portraying the state as weak"

TKP earthquake relief team arrested for "portraying the state as weak"
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10 members of the Communist Party of Turkey who carried out solidarity actions after the earthquake in Osmaniye were taken into custody by the police

Police in Osmaniye invaded the TKP (Communist Party of Turkey) Solidarity Center and arrested 10 party members who were conducting solidarity actions and health checks in the city.

A statement by the TKP said that the actions of the police were an "outrageous presumption against solidarity"

"The TKP has been present everywhere since the first day [of the earthquake] and will continue to be. Our friends must be released immediately," it said.

The statement also said the police acted on allegations that “AFAD materials were stolen.”

Lawyer Okan Alay said that 60-70 police officers entered the place and said that help could only be provided by AFAD (Disaster Management Agency.)

"When the party members said that there was no such legal obligation and that they were carrying out solidarity actions, they were insulted by the police who said that they were "portraying the state as incompetent," Alay said.

The cell phones of party members were forcibly taken and two party members were detained with inverted handcuffs, Alay added.