Torrential rains wreak havoc on the Aegean coast

Torrential rains wreak havoc on the Aegean coast
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Flooding in Kargicak Bay disrupts life and damages vehicles.

A sudden downpour beginning at 11:00 a.m. today has dramatically impacted daily life in Kargicak Bay, located in the Gokbel neighborhood of Ortaca, one of the picturesque holiday destinations in the province of Mugla.

The heavy rainfall triggered floodwaters that originated from Kısla Mountain and neighboring highlands, transforming the roads into raging rivers. The deluge has caused significant disruptions, with the flood's powerful currents dragging vehicles, including three pickup trucks and two caravans owned by vacationers, for several meters through the bay area. The force of the water was so strong that it altered the sea's color to a murky brown, indicative of the substantial soil and debris washed into it.

Emergency services were swift to respond as the fire brigade, gendarmerie, forestry, and health teams were deployed to the scene following distress calls to the 112 Emergency Call Center by residents and holidaymakers. The coordinated efforts of the rescue teams were pivotal in evacuating 15 people trapped by the rapidly rising waters.