Turkey: 1311 children involved in criminal activities every day

Turkey: 1311 children involved in criminal activities every day
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A deputy from the main opposition party in Turkey said 2,4 million children were entangled in crime over the last five years

2 million 393 thousand children have been the victims or perpetrators of crime during the period 2017-2021 and that makes 1311 children every day and 55 children every hour, said a report by Gamze Akkus İlgezdi, a deputy from the opposition People’s Republican Party, Cumhuriyet reported

“That number reveals the report card of the AKP (Justice and Development Party) government. Our future is being destroyed,” she said. 

According to the report:

  • 17 bin 780 children have been the victim of a criminal activity every month.
  • Records show that 36.6 percent of the criminal activities consisted of bodily harm, 27.2 percent theft, 5.1 drugs, 4,3 intimidation, 3,8 percent sexual crimes.
  • Number of children involved in criminal activities increased 17 percent compared to last year.  

In 2021, 

  • 646 children committed murder, 
  • 2 thousand 418 involved in extortion
  • 48 thousand 621 injured another person,  
  • 36 thousand 134 committed theft. 
  • 6 thousand 748’ used or sold drugs  
  • 4 thousand 998 got into sexual crimes 

The report showed that the age group that was most involved in crime was 15-17 with 54,7 percent.