Turkey: Bodyguard of opposition party official beats journalist in TV studio

Turkey: Bodyguard of opposition party official beats journalist in TV studio
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The bodyguard of Cemal Enginyurt, DP deputy chair, has been recorded attacking and beating a journalist after his boss had a spat with the journalist.

The bodyguard of a senior party official, who is part of the opposition alliance in Turkey, assaulted and beat a journalist after the latter had a spat with his boss during a TV show.

The incident followed tense moments in the studio of TV100 in Istanbul when Cemal Enginyurt, MP and deputy chair of the opposition Democrat Party (DP), first had an argument with journalist Latif Simsek during a live broadcast, then made an attempt to physically attack him.

As the broadcaster had to interrupt the show, Enginyurt's bodyguard attacked Simsek and beat him.

Condemning the attack, the host Pinar Isik Ardor said:

"I must say that as a woman I am extremely sorry for the things that happened. Cemal Enginyurt's bodyguard beat Simsek before all of us. We strongly condemn this attack and expect an apology to the audience."

The bodyguard was recorded as he attacked Simsek, and a 26-second video was posted on Twitter after the incident.

Criminal investigation has been reportedly launched against Enginyurt and his bodyguard.

Enginyurt, a former member of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) that is currently part of the ruling alliance in Turkey, quit the party in July 2020 and joined DP.

He became famous for his "howling" in Tian Shan in 2019, in an attempt to demonstrate his fervent nationalism, as wolf is considered a national symbol by the supporters of MHP.