Turkey: Jailed Kurdish politician with dementia hospitalized

Turkey: Jailed Kurdish politician with dementia hospitalized
Update: 10 September 2022 14:57
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Former deputy chair of pro-Kurdish HDP Aysel Tugluk was taken to emergency after her condition worsened. Her lawyer said she was sent back to jail after several tests were applied

Kurdish politician Aysel Tugluk, who was diagnosed with dementia last year was taken to emergency on Friday after her condition worsened, Mezopotamya Agency reported

 "We sent her to the emergency service today. The negative situation in jail is further worsening her condition," said another inmate who stays with Tugluk in the same ward in Kandira Penitentiary, according to lawyers talking to Mezopotamya. 

The former deputy co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) was arrested in 2016 and sentenced to 10 years in prison for “belonging to a terrorist organization.” 

Although she has been diagnosed with "chronic and progressive dementia" by a reputable university which concluded that she was not fit to stay in prison, the Turkish Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) refused to give the necessary approval by saying she has "mild cognitive impairment" and has "full criminal liability."

Tugluk recently caught Covid-19 in jail and could not recuperate fully, Figen Yuksekdag said, former co-chair of the HDP and herself jailed since 2016, together with Tugluk.

Inmates said she was taken back to prison after several tests were applied and serum given at the hospital.