Turkey: Main opposition leader's wife tested positive for Covid-19

Turkey: Main opposition leader's wife tested positive for Covid-19
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The images of Selvi Kilicdaroglu sitting at an important party event with her eyes closed a day before had sent government media making a mockery of the event.

Officials of Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) announced on Sunday that party leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu's wife has tested positive for Covid-19.

Aylin Nazliaka, head of party's women's wing, said that Selvi Kilicdaroglu attended a party meeting on Saturday although she was not feeling well, and it was only after the meeting that she took a test and was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Nazliaka criticized the government media for using a picture of Selvi Kilicdaroglu sitting in the meeting with her eyes closed to create an impression that she was bored and slumbered while presentations were made.

The meeting was a major event in which the party's "vision for the second century of the Turkish Republic" was unveiled.

Mahmut Ovur, opinion writer for government media Sabah used the headline, "The vision that left Selvi Kilicdaroglu dozing."

He said:

"Since everything was theoretical talk and the translation was boring, Selvi Kilicdaroglu dozed off as Jeremy Rifkin, who Kemal Kilicdaroglu introduced pompously as his advisor, delivered his speech."

Aksam said, "Selvi Kilicdaroglu was seen dozing" during the event.

Akit said:

"Selvi Kilicdaroglu didn't care what Jeremy Rifkin had to say, and dozed off during the speech."

InternetHaber posted a video showing Sevil Kilicdaroglu sitting with her eyes closed, as it said, "CHP's new vision left Selvi Kilicdaroglu dozing!"