Turkey: Many beaten, detained in dawn raids in Kurdish-majority province

Turkey: Many beaten, detained in dawn raids in Kurdish-majority province
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A mother has described how the police smashed their way into the house without warning, beat up her son, and told her that they've come to "kill him."

At least seven people were detained in dawn raids by the police on Monday in the Yuksekova district of Turkey's Kurdish-majority province of Hakkari, and some were severely beaten, Mezopotamya News Agency (MA) reported.

The mother of one of the detainees told MA that the police smashed the door and windows as they stormed the house, that they took her son Mustafa Bor into a room and beat him up.

"The raiders were special ops units and their faces were covered with masks," mother Cevahir Bor said. "I tried to talk with them in Kurdish and Turkish but I guess they were speaking Arabic. They twisted children's arms behind their backs and began to rough them up."

She said that the police continued to beat her son for over an hour and did not let her in the room.

"The neighbors rushed to help when they heard our screams, but the police prevented them from entering the house," she said, adding that there were blood stains all over the room after the beating.

Her son was forced into an armored vehicle and the beating went on inside the vehicle, she said.

"They made no explanation for the raid. They only said to me, 'We've come to get Mustafa. We've come to kill him. We won't let him live.'"

The Association of Lawyers for Freedom (OHD) later said in a tweet that Mustafa Bor was subjected to ill treatment and torture as he was detained.

Bor's lawyer Eren Baskin tweeted that the medical examination report of the state hospital in Yuksekova first said that no beating marks on Bor were observed.

"He was taken back to the hospital upon lawyers' insistence and a new report with photos showing torture marks were issued," Baskin added.