Turkey: Many journalists targeted in 24 hours for allegedly violating disinformation law

Turkey: Many journalists targeted in 24 hours for allegedly violating disinformation law
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Evrim Kepenek has been the last one among journalists who were accused of "spreading disinformation" in an apparent systematic campaign targeting independent media in the last 24 hours.

Many journalist have been targeted by the Turkish prosecution in the last 24 hours through the same accusation that they allegedly violated an article of the disinformation law, involving the offense of "publicly spreading misleading information."

Tolga Sardan, a prominent journalist and leading reporter on organized crime, was arrested yesterday over his recent article about a Turkish National Intelligency Agency report on the corruption in the justice system.

Only half an hour later after Sardan's arrest, Dincer Gokce, reporter for Halk TV, was detained over his news piece on the release of two alleged gang leaders. Gokce was released later in the day.

Cengiz Erdinc, a columinst for Kisa Dalga, was detained today, again on the same accusation of "spreading misleading information.". Erdinc's latest article was on the low conviction rate in money laundering cases in recent years.

A few hours later, Evrim Kepenek from bianet was notified by the prosecution that she was to give a statement on accusations of "spreading misleading information" and "inciting hatred among people" through her social media posts after the 6 February earthquake.

Three journalists, officials and a reporter of Birgun newspaper, were today targeted in a criminal investigation over a report on a shady land sale by a ruling party-held municipality to the husband of one of the party's deputies.

Yesterday, journalist Dilsah Kaya was also arrested, over her article published in Ozgur Gundem newspaper before it was banned. She is accused of "spreading propaganda for a terrorist group."

Today, the prosecution indicted six other journalists who worked for Ozgurlukcu Demokrasi newspaper.

The article on "spreading misleading information" requires a prison sentence of up to three years. It is one of the articles of a law of amendment that was enacted in October last year. The law, also known as "the disinformation law," is dubbed "censorship law" by journalists.