Turkey pays TL 1.44 million daily for Erdogan's security guards

Turkey pays TL 1.44 million daily for Erdogan's security guards
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In 2022, Turkey spent TL 526,868,000 on President Erdogan's security personnel. Daily spending on bodyguards amounted to TL 1.44 million, double the amount spent on narcotics enforcement in all of Turkey

Turkey paid President Tayyip Erdogan's security guards more than half a billion Turkish liras in 2022, and the amount was higher than the sum paid to all narcotics departments in Turkey, Birgun newspaper reported, citing data from the General Directorate of Security (EGM)

The security department of the Presidential Office, to which President Tayyip Erdogan's bodyguards are subordinated, spent 526 million 868 thousand Turkish liras in 2022, which is about 1.44 million Turkish liras per day.

The data shows that spending on bodyguards doubled compared to 2020.

The number of bodyguards protecting Erdogan has been kept secret for years. The deputies of the Turkish National Assembly have asked many questions about this issue, but never received a sufficient answer.

The president often travels around in a long security convoy, although critics see this as wasteful spending.

President Erdogan skipped Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in London in September due to transportation restrictions after it was revealed that foreign heads of state had been asked to attend the queen's funeral without a large entourage or convoy of vehicles.

Earlier, he canceled a planned trip to the 2021 climate conference UN in Glasgow, Scotland, after his large entourage was not allowed to attend.