Turkey: Sancar warns of possible "chaos scenario," calls on all opposition to be vigilant

Turkey: Sancar warns of possible "chaos scenario," calls on all opposition to be vigilant
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HDP co-chair warns that the ruling alliance may use "chaos" strategy to "hijack people's will" to win elections

Mithat Sancar, the co-chair of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) said in a meeting of senior party officials Sunday that the political administration could be involved in plans to stage "chaos scenarios" before the coming 2023 elections, and that all opposition should join forces to thwart such plans.

Sancar made the opening address in HDP's meeting in Turkish capital Ankara, as recently elected party officials convened for the first time after the party's fifth congress on 3 July.

Sancar warned all opposition parties about the administration's intention to launch a military campaign in north Syria, and about possible "chaos scenarios" that could be staged before the elections in an attempt to "intimidate the people and hijack the people’s will."

He said:

“We are entering a stage in which the political administration may resort to dangerous scenarios in panic of losing in the elections. They are working on scenarios of war, actually even beyond that, on war plans. Preparations for a war are being carried out. They are involved in plans to launch an attack to further occupy Syria, particularly Rojava [Kurdish-majority parts of north Syria].”

He continued:

“So we have to organize the Democracy Alliance also into an alliance for peace in the face of war scenarios and plans. The chaos plans appear to be aimed at intimidating the people and hijacking the people’s will. We can thwart these plans only through a joint and determined struggle organized with the broadest possible cooperation of parties. We want to address all democratic circles, all political opposition with a warning: Let us be vigilant in the face of looming war plans and chaos scenarios. Let us put forth the will to thwart these plans and scenarios.”