Turkey: Ultranationalist leader urges a clampdown on social media

Turkey: Ultranationalist leader urges a clampdown on social media
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MHP leader Devlet Bahceli decried the opposition party leaders who asked for an investigation about mob boss Sedat Peker’s revelations on Twitter

Turkey’s ultranationalist MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) leader, Devlet Bahceli said “the latest developments showed that the social media must be brought under control,” referring to the recent revelations on Twitter by a mob boss who rocked the country with bribery allegations. 

“Social media should be regulated on a legal basis. Those who intend provocation through social media will not succeed in putting blocks in front of Turkey,” Bahceli said. 

The mob boss Sedat Peker, who is currently located in the United Arab Emirates, revealed a bribery scandal surrounding the capital investment institutions in Turkey, saying top public officials close to President Tayyip Erdogan provide shady companies opportunities for public trading, and of receiving hefty bribes in exchange. 

One Erdogan aide already resigned, while another was reportedly sacked by Erdogan. 

“Making political material out of people’s private lives is gravely immoral. The opposition parties, which are eager to collect profits by chasing social media revelations, can not cover up their impotence and opportunism anymore,” Bahceli said, whose party supports the government of the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party.)

In June, a draft social media law introducing jail sentences for spreading ‘fake news’ on the internet was postponed after heavy criticism from the opposition.