Turkey: Women journalists suffered violation of rights 161 times in seven months

Turkey: Women journalists suffered violation of rights 161 times in seven months
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Mesopotamia Women Journalists Platform said that the oppression and censorship against journalists intensified throughout the year as journalists faced violence, prosecution and prison.

Mesopotamia Women Journalists Platform (MKGP) on Monday commemorated the killing of a prominent Kurdish woman journalist by the Islamic State (ISIS) eight years ago and released a report about rights violations of women journalists, in a press briefing in Turkey's southern city of Diyarbakir.

Deniz Firat, an activist and a journalist covering the battle against ISIS was killed in an attack by the islamic militants on Makhmour camp on 8 August 2014. 

“In the steps of Deniz, we will continue to pursue the truth. Even in the most difficult conditions, we will continue to use our camera, our pen, and speak out,” said Habibe Eren, the editor of Jinnews, during the ceremony.

The journalists face violence, prosecution and prison, Eren said, adding that women journalists were particularly harmed when they followed news in the field.

She said that women journalists suffered at least 161 rights violations during the first seven months of the year. 

“14 journalists were subjected to violence, 6 were threatened while practicing their profession, 10 journalists' homes were raided, 26 

were detained, one was harassed. 31 were denied the right to follow news in the field, 6 were arrested for their journalistic activities, one was subjected to the imposition of spying and one was fired for giving birth,” she said. 

She added: “Prosecutors launched investigations against 10 journalists and filed lawsuits against 12 journalists due to their professional activities. 12 journalists were sentenced to a total of 23 years, 10 months and 27 days in prison, and 4 journalists were fined 190 thousand 250 TL in total. 105 journalists continue to face trial in 73 cases. At least 10 female journalists are still detained in various prisons in the country.”

She concluded that journalists should be able to continue their professional activities freely and called for the release of imprisoned journalists.