Perincek: The US reunited the opposition bloc in Turkey

Perincek: The US reunited the opposition bloc in Turkey
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Turkey’s Patriotic Party leader Dogu Perinçek claimed that the crisis in the opposition’s Nation Alliance was solved by the U.S

The leader of the Patriotic Party, Dogu Perincek, stated that the reunification of the Nation Alliance came about through the intervention of the United States.

As the 72-hour crisis unfolded in full view of the public after Good Party leader Meral Aksener left the alliance and rejected CHP leader Kilicdaroglu's candidacy, "the U.S. secret base in Ankara decided to take control of the situation," Perincek wrote on Twitter, accusing Kilicdaroglu and Aksener of collaborating with this secret base.

Perincek said this secret base, which consisted of foreign operatives and FETO residues, planned the schemes in Turkey.

“The headquarters extends his dirty hand into the stadiums and organizes various plans of turmoil,” he added, referring to the latest protests of football fans over the government’s inadequate response to the earthquake disaster in Turkey.

Perincek also claimed that Kilicdaroglu and Akşener are conducting their communication with this headquarters in safe houses without informing their own staff.