Turkey’s top court unblocks HDP’s treasury grant

Turkey’s top court unblocks HDP’s treasury grant
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Two months before the parliamentary and presidential elections, Turkey's Constitutional Court voted by a majority of eight to seven to release the funds

The Constitutional Court in Turkey unblocked pro-Kurdish HDP’s (Peoples’ Democratic Party) treasury aid, an essential fund for the election campaign, in an unexpected move as Turkey heads for elections scheduled for May.

In January, Turkey's top court narrowly ruled in favor of freezing the HDP's bank accounts, holding Treasury aid while it continues to hear a case on shutting down the party for alleged ties to the outlawed PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party)

Similarly, the court took the decision to unblock funds, following a request by the party with a majority of eight members to seven, state news agency Anadolu said.

The Constitutional Court accepted the indictment against the HDP in June 2021 after a years-long crackdown under Erdogan's rule in which thousands of HDP members have been tried on mainly terrorism-related charges.

Aside from shutting the party down, the indictment also calls for 451 HDP members to be banned from politics for five years. It is unclear whether a final verdict could come before the elections.