Turkish authority: The hand in vending machine is part of operation

Turkish authority: The hand in vending machine is part of operation
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The strange money transaction in a video that circulated in social media sites turned out to be not a joke, but the response of technicians to a malfunctioning mechanism.

A video showing a hand extending out of a water vending machine to pick up the money inserted into it has been first taken as some sort of joke by Twitter users in Turkey, but it eventually turned out - after statements by Turkish authorities - that it was actually a hand "in official service."

The Water and Sewerage Administration of Eskisehir (ESKI) released a statement on Monday to clarify that the hand in the "watermatic" belonged to one of the employees, who decided to step in when he was informed that there was a problem with the vending machine's money receiving mechanism.

ESKİ said:

"Our team first removed the money receiving mechanism to check if there is any money or other object stuck in it. Then they started picking money from the citizens in the row, and fed it into the mechanism inside the cabin manually, thus having it operate like a 'live checkout counter,' while they continued to check if it worked. In other words, the hand receiving money is only an operation of cashing in money manually under the supervision of our technical team member inside the cabin. This operation has been video recorded by citizens and shared on social media in a humorous manner."

The video shows that both the employee inside the machine and the customer keenly follow the steps announced by the automated voice, which starts by saying, "Welcome," and asks for payment authorization after the money is handed over by one hand to another.