Turkish Bar Associations decry the Court of Cassation's disregard for the Constitutional Court

Turkish Bar Associations decry the Court of Cassation's disregard for the Constitutional Court
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"Legal security under threat," say lawyers as they file complaints against court members.

Bar associations across Turkey have raised their voices in a unified outcry against the recent actions of the 3rd Chamber of the Court of Cassation. The chamber's refusal to comply with the Constitutional Court's ruling on the 'violation of rights' for TİP (Worker's Party of Turkey) Hatay MP Can Atalay, currently detained in the Gezi trial, has prompted a wave of criticism and legal action from the legal community.

Members of the Adana Bar Association, adorned in their courtroom robes, assembled in front of the local courthouse to express their dissent against the Court of Cassation's decision. Semih Gokayaz, the association's president, declared that the 3rd Criminal Chamber overstepped its constitutional authority and effectively staged a rebellion against the Constitutional Court. He called for the immediate removal of the chamber's members and pledged to defend the constitutional order and the rule of law.

The ÇHD (Modern Lawyers Association) Adana Branch President, Baran Taygun Metin, echoed these sentiments, drawing parallels with the Kobani trial and emphasizing the readiness to take the fight to the streets if legal avenues fail.

The Mersin Bar Association condemned the 3rd Criminal Chamber's decision as a legal anomaly that tramples upon the rule of law. The association reminded the judiciary of the constitution's supremacy and warned that the chamber's actions would be remembered as a dark mark on the Court of Cassation's legacy.

In front of the Antep Courthouse, İskender Kahraman, president of the Antep Bar Association, spoke out against the misuse of law as a tool of punishment by those in power. He highlighted that the 3rd Chamber's decision signifies a breach of legal security and pledged to uphold the democratic values of the Republic of Turkey, primarily as it recently celebrated its centennial.

The Ordu Bar Association characterized the criminal complaint filed by the 3rd Criminal Chamber against the Constitutional Court members as an unparalleled scandal. They condemned the chamber judges for their unconstitutional decision, which they viewed as a blatant disregard for legal doctrines and the hierarchy of norms.