Turkish boy receives “meat” as report card gift

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Social media users in Turkey reacted angrily to a video in which a school boy says her mother bought “meat” as a gift to his success at school

A video circulating on social media, in which a young boy says he received “meat” as a gift for his success at school went viral as users in social media lamented the economic hardship many families are going through in Turkey, which has been hit by a cost-of-living crisis in recent years.

In the video, a reporter from Turkey’s Haberturk TV asks a boy about his report card and the boy says: “My mom bought meat as a gift to my report card.”

As the incident unfolded, the butcher also handed three pieces of lamb chops to the boy.

There was no immediate comment from the boy’s mother or the family.

According to reports by National Red Meat Council, the price of a kilogram of read meat increased five times from TL25 to TL126 in the last six years, Duvar reported.

As the video went viral on social media, analysts lambasted the high prices.

“Receiving meat as report card gift. Here is the new Turkey that they created in the last 20 years,” author Ahmet Umit said.

“I can not bring myself to comment,” tweeted Meral Danis Bestas, the group deputy chairman of the HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party)

Turkish Workers’ Party deputy Sera Kadigil said:

“Anyone who steals from children and puts them in their own pockets will fall, when this regime will collapse”