Turkish Constitutional Court lambasted over decision to block HDP bank account

Turkish Constitutional Court lambasted over decision to block HDP bank account
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Senior figures from the Peoples’ Democratic Party accused the Constitutional Court of acting as a tool in the ruling AKP’s election campaign

A decision by the Constitutional Court on Thursday to freeze bank accounts of pro-Kurdish HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) and deprive it of $29 million of government aid ahead of critical presidential and parliamentary elections later this year received heavy reactions by the party’s senior figures and its supporters.

The decision “is inexplicable and it lacks legitimacy in the eyes of Turkey’s peoples,” said Ebru Gunay, the spokesperson of HDP.

“The Court decided under heavy political pressure. Such a decision, a few days before the financial aid to the party is due, confirms the impression that the members of the court are under clear political pressure” she said.

Gunay also accused the court of acting as a tool in the election campaign of the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party)

She continued: “We have a few words to say to those who want to weaken our party, clip our wings and prevent us from campaigning in elections.

This decision will not intimidate us, on the contrary, it will increase our anger against fascism. Now we are more faithful and determined, now we are more combative.”

A hashtag that said #GaspVar (This is extortion) trended in social media right after the decision.

HDP Co-Chair Pervin Buldan also decried the decision.

“We derive our strength from our people. We are more faithful, more determined, stronger. Our treasure is the millions who set their hearts on this cause, our working people,” she said on Twitter.