Turkish deputy urges ultranationalists "not to tolerate terrorists" in Germany

Turkish deputy urges ultranationalists "not to tolerate terrorists" in Germany
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Acikgoz targeted "members of PKK and FETO" in a gathering organized by Grey Wolves in Neuss, and called on the audience "to be vigilant, and not tolerate" such elements.

A deputy for Turkey's ruling Justice and Developent Party (AKP) addressed supporters of far right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in Germany, urging them "to be vigilant" and to "not tolerate" members and sympathizers of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and Gulenist movement - which he referred to as "FETO," or "Fetullahist terror organization."

A video of deputy Mustafa Acikgoz's address to the group was posted by himself on Twitter. The meeting was organized by the Federation of Associations of Democratic Idealist Turks, affiliated with MHP, in the federation's offices in the city of Neuss on Friday, Deutsche Welle (DW) Turkish reported.

The term "idealist" is a popular reference to Turkish ultra nationalists, used by MHP and others in Turkey alongside the equally popular "Grey Wolves."

Claiming that the PKK is a "Godless" organization, an "adversary of religion," and that the Gulenist movement tries to "change and distort Islamic belief" and "turn it into a Christian belief," Acikoz apparently encouraged the audience to take action and react, as he said:

"Be vigilant, please do not tolerate these people."

He continued:

"We will not let them survive in Turkey. We have actually finished them off there. By God's will we'll find them in their holes wherever they are hiding in the world, and we'll destroy them. Don't you have any doubt about that. The only thing we need is our unity."

While responses to the video quickly amassed, a vast majority expressing strong protests, former MEP for Greens Rebecca Harms called on German authorities saying, "I hope that an investigation will be launched."

Mustafa Acikgoz's address came days after Germany’s Domestic Intelligence Agency BfV warned that Turkish nationalist movement in Germany posed one of the greatest threats to the democratic order in the country.