Turkish govt plans to attack Kobani before elections, Demirtas says

Turkish govt plans to attack Kobani before elections, Demirtas says
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Demirtas urged opposition parties to be “brave” and say “no” to a war waged to win the elections

HDP’s imprisoned former co-chair Selahattin Demirtas said Turkish government is planning to attack Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani.

“The government is planning an attack on Kobani before the elections. The biggest test of the opposition would be the attitude it will take in the face of this insidious plan,” Demirtas said via Twitter on Saturday.

Commenting on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s

inviting Islamist pro-Kurdish Free Cause Party (HUDA-PAR) to join his ruling People’s Alliance. ahead of the elections, Demirtas asked why Erdogan is trying to include HUDA-PAR into the alliance.

“If Erdogan is the candidate to win, why is he trying to include HUDA-PAR, a party that only has 170,000 votes, into his alliance,” Kurdish politician said.

“What do you think might bring these parties together? A big complicity? Is it a preliminary preparation of a new war plan? Definitely not a patriotism,” he said.

Earlier this week, HUDA-PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoglu said Erdogan invited them to join the People’s Alliance and in a few weeks, it would be certain whether they will do so or not.

People’s Alliance was initially formed of Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) and ultranationalist MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections of June 2018. The alliance now also comprise the nationalist Great Unity Party (BBP) and the left-wing nationalist Patriotic Party.

Demirtas asked the opposition whether they would stay silent or they would be “brave” by saying “no” to a war waged to win the elections.