Turkish MP calls for review of Israel relations

Turkish MP calls for review of Israel relations
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HEDEP's MP urges parliament to investigate Turkey's ties with Israel and address the ongoing violence in Palestine.

Cengiz Cicek, a member of parliament for the HEDEP (Peoples' Democracy and Equality Party) in Istanbul, has filed a motion for a parliamentary inquiry to scrutinize Turkey's diplomatic, commercial, and military relations with Israel to form a strategy to counter what he described as the ongoing "massacre and persecution of the Palestinian people."

Cicek condemned the recent escalation of violence, mainly the Israeli ground operation in Gaza, accusing Israel of committing atrocities against Palestinians daily and violating international law and human values.

The MP criticized global powers for their lackluster response to the crisis, accusing them of engaging in a "diplomatic theater" rather than taking concrete actions to halt the violence and address its root causes. He alleged that many country leaders are exploiting the Palestinian struggle for domestic political gains rather than taking meaningful initiatives.

Cicek urged the TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) to take the lead in responding to Israeli actions, which he claims are crimes against humanity. He argued that the TBMM should conduct a thorough review of Turkey's ongoing diplomatic, trade, and military ties with Israel and establish a clear policy moving forward.

Highlighting the 2016 Draft Law aimed at normalizing relations between Turkey and Israel following the Mavi Marmara incident, Cicek noted that despite agreements, including easing sanctions on Gaza, Israel has not only failed to meet its commitments but has also intensified military operations in the region.

The MP pointed out that despite the government's vocal criticism of Israel, trade between the two nations has soared from $1.405 billion in 2002 to $8.910 billion in 2022. He also raised concerns about Turkey's role in providing Israel with raw materials that could be used by the Israeli military, calling attention to the significant increase in trade and alleging that Turkish companies are complicit in the occupation.

Cicek specifically criticized Zorlu Holding and other Turkish businesses for their involvement in projects within Israel and partnerships with Israeli companies, suggesting that such cooperation contributes to military actions against Palestinians.