Turkish municipality engages in business with Israel amid controversy

Turkish municipality engages in business with Israel amid controversy
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Considering recent political tensions, questions were raised over the transparency and ethical implications of the agreement.

CHP (Republican People's Party) Ordu Member of Parliament, Dr. Mustafa Adiguzel, has submitted a written parliamentary motion to the TBMM (Grand National Assembly of Turkey) to be answered by Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya. Adiguzel is seeking clarification regarding the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality's contract with an Israeli energy company amid public outrage over Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people.

Dr. Adiguzel raised several concerns, among them whether other local and international companies were considered for the contract, the terms of the agreement, and whether the municipality has plans to terminate the agreement considering recent political tensions. "Going to the Palestine rally on one hand and trying to produce energy from the wave together with the Israeli company on the other hand is to make fun of the nation," Adiguzel stated.

The CHP Ordu Deputy expressed frustration over the municipality's seemingly contradictory actions, continuing, "On the one hand, saying that you boycott Israeli products, on the other hand going to a Palestine rally, and on the other hand trying to produce energy from waves together with an Israeli company is making fun of the nation."

Adiguzel further questioned the agreement's transparency, stating that even the municipality council members are not fully aware of the nature of the contract. He demanded answers to a series of questions regarding the contract's details, the project's total cost, potential compensation, and plans for the project's future.

The CHP Ordu MP also implied that the project could be given to another company, stating, "There are other companies that can do this work." He said, "We favor canceling the project with this Israeli company and giving it to another local or foreign company."

The Interior Minister, Ali Yerlikaya, is yet to respond to the written parliamentary motion.