Turkish police prevent Ankara pride march, detain 36

Turkish police prevent Ankara pride march, detain 36
Update: 06 July 2022 13:53
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Police used pepper spray, tear gas and rear-handcuffed protesters

Turkish police broke up dozens of protesters trying to gather for an LGBTQ+ Pride march in Ankara, capital of Turkey, and detained 36 people after authorities banned such marches across the country for security reasons.

Police in the morning blockaded Kugulu Park, the gathering spot for the parade, to prevent it from the start, but when the marchers refused to disperse, intervened heavily using pepper spray and tear gas. 

A Reuters video showed protesters rear-handcuffed and dragged to police buses.

Mezopotamya News Agency reporter Emel Vural also suffered injuries, after she was targeted with pepper spray at close range, Yeni Yaşam reported.

Last week in Istanbul, police dispersed a larger annual Pride march and detained more than 300 people.