Turkish President: "Shackles of underdevelopment removed"

Turkish President: "Shackles of underdevelopment removed"
Update: 02 August 2022 22:32
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Turkish President Erdogan has said that developed countries can no longer manipulate Turkey, and the time has come for Turkey to claim its place in global order

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an address to the nation on Monday evening that the political administration under his leadership has managed in 20 years to remove the shackles of underdevelopment through achievements in many fields including education, health, justice system, industrial and energy production.

He added that the world is on the verge of an inevitable restructuring process and this presents an opportunity for Turkey to secure its place in global order.

Erdogan said:

"The plots of those who have kept our country on a path of their choice through political instability, social tensions, economic disasters, and at times by coups, no longer work."

Pointing out that such powers who exploited Turkey and subjected it to underdevelopment by means of machinations in the past have now begun facing serious difficulties in preserving their own security and welfare.

"The first glimpses of this picture have first emerged in the 2008 global financial crisis," he continued.

"The coronavirus pandemics that started and expanded as a health crisis have left even deeper cracks in the precious glass houses of developed countries. The global economic crisis triggered by the Russian-Ukrainian war removed their makeup even more, exposing their true faces."

He added:

"The world is on the verge of an inevitable restructuring process. We see this historical turning point as an opportunity for us to claim our rightful place in the global order which we have been excluded for centuries. We will not allow those who have been keeping our country occupied with small issues, small actors, small crises and small rewards for a long time divert us from using this opportunity. The time is over keeping this country occupied with terror, coup seeking civilian and military bureaucracy, a business network that feeds on rent rather than production and incompetent politicians."