Turkish professor who harassed a female academic reappointed in Istanbul University

Turkish professor who harassed a female academic reappointed in Istanbul University
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Professor Bulent A. of Istanbul University, who was temporarily suspended after a female academic complained that he harassed her, has been reinstated in another department of the university

A professor who was temporarily suspended from his position at Istanbul University following a complaint by a female academic who accused him of harassing her has been reappointed to the university again, Bianet reported.

The former student and female academic of Kocaeli University was assaulted and systematically harassed by Professor Dr. Bulent A., who was then working in Istanbul University's Department of Public Administration and Political Science.

In November 2022, Bulent A. stormed into her office and threatened her saying, "You will be mine, we will get married. Otherwise, I will leave you unemployed."

The police arrived at the scene and arrested Bulent A. for the assault. However, he was later released after giving a statement. Following the incident, both Kocaeli and Istanbul Universities launched investigations into the matter and Bulent A. was suspended from his position.

But now it has come to light that he has been recently reappointed, this time to the Ataturk Principles and Revolution History Institute, which is affiliated with Istanbul University.

The academic community expressed their anger and concern over Bulent A.'s reappointment. They fear that the professor's close relationship with the university's rectorate will result in him being cleared of all charges, including the disciplinary investigation launched by Istanbul University, Bianet claimed.

Social media was also abuzz with outrage, with Istanbul University students hanging Bulent A.'s photo on their office door with the words, "We do not want a harassing professor in our university."