Turkish university rector to students: 'Do not attend non-approved activities, or else!'

Turkish university rector to students: 'Do not attend non-approved activities, or else!'
Update: 24 August 2022 02:07
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New graduates in Istanbul's Bogazici University were threatened with being denied alumni cards campus entry if they take part in 'non-approved' activities on the day of graduation.

An official letter was sent to all graduating students in Turkey's Bogazici University by the Rector's Office, who said that the students who take part in 'non-approved activities' will be denied alumni cards and entry into the campus.

The letter, sent by the university's Corporate Communications Office, read:

"We'd like to remind that in order for the graduation ceremonies to be held in order and security for all new graduates and guests, compliance with current regulations within the campus is required. The campuses of Bogazici University cannot be used as areas of activities by groups. The new graduates who take part in such activities will be denied alumni cards, and they will be banned from entering campuses."

An 'alternative graduation ceremony' was held in September 2021 in protest against the university's administration.

While Bogazici University is known to have a long tradition of promoting freedom of speech and expression, things began to change at the administrative level as Melih Bulu was appointed rector in January 2021 by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan despite strong opposition by a great majority of the academic staff, the students and the workers.

The police were let into the campus upon protests by students, and many students were subjected to police violence in the process.

Bulu said after his appointment:

"There is no such rule that the rector should be elected by the academic staff. Rectors are appointed in all countries. It's not a very popular method to elect an executive to a post."

Bulu was replaced by Naci İnci, also appointed by President Erdogan, only six months later on July 2021.

İnci is the current rector of the university.