Two mafia blocs emerge in Istanbul: Journalist

Two mafia blocs emerge in Istanbul: Journalist
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One of the alliances is led by three mafia figures who were recently from prison, journalist Toga Sardan has said.

Two alliances of mafia groups have emerged in recent years in Istanbul and one of the alliances is led by three crime bosses who were recently released from prison, journalist Tolga Sardan today said.

Sardan, a prominent journalist with expertise on organized crime networks in Turkey, said in his article that bosses Alaattin Cakici, Kursad Yilmaz and Sedat Sahin have become even more influential after they were released, and that they have now formed an alliance.

Young crime boss Baris Boyun, the leader of "Daltons" and the first gang leader to set up motorcycle riding teams to carry out executions, and Necati Arabaci, the leader of "Hells Angels" in Germany, are also part of this alliance, he added.

The Saral family, one of the largest mafia groups in Turkey, has formed a rival alliance with the Hacisuleymanoglu family, Sardan said.

A Montenegrin mafia group, whose leader Jovan Vukotic was killed allegedly by Boyun's hitmen, may also be involved in the second alliance, Sardan noted.

He also pointed out that Uzi automatic guns were used in recent clashes in Istanbul and that Uzis and Glocks may be replacing AK-47 rifles, which the mafia groups and gangs widely used till recently.

Photo: Far right Nationalist Movement Party's leader Devlet Bahceli poses at different times with mafia bosses Alaatin Cakici and Kursat Yilmaz