Ultranationalist leader supports ruling AKP’s visit to pro-Kurdish party

Ultranationalist leader supports ruling AKP’s visit to pro-Kurdish party
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MHP leader Devlet Bahceli supported a visit by an AKP delegation to pro-Kurdish HDP saying it was a natural and correct step ahead of a constitutional amendment in the parliament

Ultranationalist Turkish leader Devlet Bahceli reiterated his support for a constitutional amendment suggested by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to enshrine freedom of headscarf in the constitution and stood by a visit by an AKP delegation to the pro-Kurdish HDP.

“It is a very natural and correct step for the AKP delegation to visit the political parties that have a group in the Parliament in order to discuss the constitutional amendment.” 

Some critics said the visit could annoy the MHP leader and he might criticize the move in today’s speech. 

Bahceli claimed MHP viewed HDP as CHP (Republican People’s Party) and slammed the critics for “talking at their back” about the visit. 

Bahceli also lambasted CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu saying he is “a factory of lies, a mine of slander,” while giving his support to the ruling AKP’s (Justice and Development Party) visit to HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party.)

During a speech addressing the parliamentary group meeting of his party Bahceli said that “CHP was the same as HDP” in his eyes. 

“Kilicdaroglu is a subcontracted politician who was parachuted on top of the CHP with a special duty. He is mentally imprisoned and politically chained. He is too confused and unconscious to see the lies and slanders,” Bahceli said, adding that CHP fell into the hands of the colonialists and turned into a political colony.

Criticizing Kilicdaroglu’s London trip with the economist and representatives of financial institutions, Bahceli said he was there to beg from the usurers as an extra on a scene which was formed to the detriment of Turkey. 

“Kilicdaroglu has a jet black personality, he is a factory of lies, a line of slander,” Bahceli said.