Verbal attack from Turkish Interior Minister to Kurdish deputies

Verbal attack from Turkish Interior Minister to Kurdish deputies
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During the budget talks in Turkish national assembly, the Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu accused HDP deputies of being terrorists and kidnapping and taking young children to the mountains.

Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu continued his verbal attacks against pro-Kurdish HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) deputies, accusing them of being terrorists and taking young boys to the mountains, T24 web site reported.

The budget discussions in the parliament on Saturday once again witnessed verbal taunts by Soylu along with deputies from ultranationalist MHP (Nationalist Mıovement Party) against HDP deputies.

“It is the HDP who gave a 10-year-old boy a Kalashnikov. Don't look as if you’re innocent. Everyone knows whom you kidnapped, whom you sent to the mountains, how mothers are cursing you,” Soylu said, adding that Remziye Tosun, who threw her white muslin on the floor of the parliament as an act to call for peace, “was a permanent member of the PKK.”

Meanwhile, Arzu Erdem, a deputy from the MHP accused Tosun of putting on a show of disgrace:

“The attempt to use the immaculate white muslin of our mothers as a material for baby killers is a disgraceful show and a provocation;” she said.

HDP group deputy chairwoman Meral Danis Bestas responded to the accusations by saying only those have a mentality of war would see a call for peace as a show of disgrace:

“We have a white muslin to throw and the will for peace. They have death on their minds, and mostly their own benefits” Bestas said.

As a reply to Soylu’s words, she said:

“I don't know how you generate so much hate. The fact that you get up and attack even before I begin my words reveals your psychology. (..) Imagine an Interior Minister who spews hatred and anger in every speech. (...) We are with the people every day. Mothers sigh every day, wanting their children to return home safely. Turkish mothers, Kurdish mothers and mothers of soldiers alike, they all want this. Here we advocate peace instead of war. No more bloodshed in this country.”