Veteran academic banned from Bogazici University

Veteran academic banned from Bogazici University
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Professor Murat Gulsoy announces an alarming ban after 30 years of service.

In an alarming turn of events, renowned writer and academic Professor Murat Gulsoy took to Twitter to announce that he has been banned from entering Bogazici (Bosphorus) University, an institution he has served for three decades. The news has sent ripples through the academic community, raising concerns over the escalating tensions and transformations at the university.

In his social media post, Professor Gulsoy expressed disbelief and dismay at being prohibited from entering the premises of Bogazici University. He disclosed that this unexpected development was conveyed to him and formalized with an official report.

Gulsoy's tweet read, "As of now, I was banned from entering Bogazici University, where I have been a professor for 30 years. I was not allowed in the door. It was documented with a report."

The prohibition against Professor Gulsoy has exacerbated concerns regarding the academic freedom and institutional autonomy of Bogazici University. In recent periods, the university has been at the center of debates and protests following administrative changes imposed by the government.

This incident adds another layer to the ongoing struggle between the university's academic community and the authorities. Imposing a rector by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier this year ignited widespread protests and has been a source of tension ever since.

The government's intervention in Bogazici University's administrative affairs, particularly the controversial appointment of the new rector, has triggered international concern over academic freedom in Turkey. The imposition has been met with resistance from students and faculty members, leading to heightened security measures and several arrests.

Professor Gulsoy's ban underscores the increasing constraints faced by academicians and intensifies the spotlight on the controversial changes enveloping one of Turkey's most esteemed educational institutions.