“We did not reset anything”

“We did not reset anything”
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Opposition figures reiterated their rejection to Erdogan’s running for a third term, saying it is a violation of Turkey’s constitution

Turkish opposition slammed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his remarks that he argued that they reset the chronometer in 2018 presidential elections regarding the Constitutional obligations for presidential candidacy.

“We did not reset anything,” main opposition CHP said, while the nationalist opposition the Good Party (IYIP) stated that they will not let Erdogan to violate the Constitution.

Also responding Erdogan with his usual humorous tone, Pro-Kurdish HDP’s imprisoned co-chair Selahattin Demirtas said “You will see the zeroes on the election night, when the public will reset your chronometer. These things are not like disappearing money,” implying the corruption allegations during Erdogan’s AKP rule.

Erdogan on Saturday accused opposition parties by throwing “mud” on him by arguing that he could not run for presidency according to the Constitution that says a person may be elected president of the republic for a maximum of two terms.

Turkey has switched to a new administrative system after the 2018 elections and reset the chronometer, Erdogan said, claiming it would be his second term if he wins the elections.

Commenting over Erdogan’s remarks, main opposition Republican People's Party’s (CHP) deputy chair Muharrem Erkek said “We did not reset anything. We did not make a new constitution either”.

Erdogan cannot violate the constitution, Erkek told Cumhuriyet newspaper on Sunday.

“Turkey cannot be governed by approaches by approaches to one's own desire, that do not comply with the law. We will not allow this unlawfulness,” Good Party’s Bahadir Erdem said.