Woman in Istanbul murdered by ex in broad daylight

Woman in Istanbul murdered by ex in broad daylight
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Fatos Cetin was brutally murdered by her husband who had previously attacked her four months ago. The young woman was found hours later, with her baby by her side

A 25-year-old young mother in Turkey was stabbed to death by her husband, a mere 4 months after a previous attack, adding to the growing number of femicides in the country.

In a horrific episode of domestic violence, Fatos Cetin was violently murdered in Istanbul's Umraniye district by a man identified as Mehmet Dinc who was known to be her husband through a religious marriage.

The incident has drawn renewed attention to the persistent issue of violence against women in the country.

The attack took place on Monday morning in the Ihlamurkuyu neighborhood of Umraniye district. According to reports, Dinc approached Cetin's residence and beckoned her to the window. Using a knife he brought with him, Dinc stabbed Cetin in her throat and other parts of her body before fleeing the scene.

Erdal Cetin, the victim's devastated father, recalled the chilling moment he discovered his daughter's lifeless body soaked in blood. Responding to his wife's concerned calls after their daughter failed to respond, Erdal saw his daughter lying motionless on the floor, her baby atop her. The traumatizing scene has left the family in unspeakable grief.

Emergency services, upon being alerted, pronounced Fatos Cetin dead at the scene. The ensuing investigation by law enforcement saw them scouring the crime site for hours. Dinc, the perpetrator of this heinous act, was apprehended in Atasehir later in the evening.

Just four months ago, Dinc had attacked and injured her with a knife. Following a brief imprisonment, he was released. Furthermore, Dinc, who has three children from a previous official marriage which he ended, also had a child with Cetin.

In a poignant account, Erdal Cetin shared how Dinc consistently manipulated and abused his daughter throughout their relationship. "He had lured and deceived her time and time again. My daughter was a silent soul," he lamented. He recounted previous attacks by Dinc, including one with a kitchen knife. Erdal also highlighted how his daughter once sought refuge in a shelter house, indicating the deep-rooted nature of the abuse she faced.